New Space themed Designs coming soon! – The Sea of Tranquility

Hello! Goodness we are nearly at the end of November already… This month I produced a range of designs featuring sea creatures in space! This started with my Octopus design and I decided to create 3 more in the series. I felt like doing something a bit different than my usual designs and enjoyed escaping into my imagination for this series. I will soon be selling these designs as a postcards on my etsy shop. The Designs are also currently for sale on my redbubble shop.

Check out the series below! –

Also on the space theme – (don’t know what it is with my new space obsession, maybe a longing to escape from this planet with the current crazy world we live in!) Is my new Chester Star Princess design which I also hope to get on merch soon too! Heavily inspired by my cat Chester, yes I made fanart of my cat. Thinking of getting this design printed on notepads and magnets. Chester StarPrincess is available on Redbubble now!

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Memeow Gifts Greetings Cards Events Directory!

This a directory of the events/holidays Memeow Gifts currently caters for. I hope to add more designs/cards to the list as the year progresses. You can shop the full range at:!

Events and Holidays

February 14th – Valentines Day – Bearfriends, A Whole Otter Love, Gillfriends, I Only Want To Bee With You!, Call Bee Maybe!, Bee mine!

March 22nd Mother’s Day (UK) – Kangaroo Mums, Mother Duck and Ducklings

March 31st – Transgender Day of Visibility – You’re Purrfect!, Trans Pride Butterfly

12th April – Easter- Easter Bunny

June – LGBTQ Pride Month – LGBTea, Rainbow, Rainbow Sheep, A Whole Otter Love, You’re Purrfect!, Pride Pandas, Trans Pride Butterfly, PostcardsFriends of Dorothy

21st June Father’s Day – Lion Dads

Weddings – Husbuns

Birthdays – Happy Birday!

December – Christmas/Holidays – Polar Bear, Penguin and Robin, Deer Boyfriend, Deer Girlfriend

Other Cards – Snapcat, Meowilyn Monmeow, Uniloon

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thank u, ness! – A JVN Appreciation Post

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 2 years, you have probably heard of the heartwarming reality makeover show ‘Queer Eye’! Queer Eye has become a massive hit for streaming platform Netflix making stars of its ‘Fab Five’, one member being the fabulous Jonathan Van Ness! (JVN).

JVN is a hairdresser, grooming expert, comedian, podcaster, cat parent and trainee figure skater. The list just continues to grow! (Yaaaas Queen). JVN’s natural bubbly comedic personality makes him easily the highlight of QE for me, his positivity is contagious! He comes across as very genuine person and I love how freely he wears his emotions on his sleeve. In a world that often makes us feel we should bottle up our emotions, its a lovely contrast to see someone so freely being their true emotional self.

It’s this vulnerability that I really admire about JVN. A few days ago in an interview the NYT, JVN bravely came out as HIV Positive. This will hopefully add to the destigmatisation of HIV with a star of JVN’s magnitude coming out. JVN is already educating people about undetectable status “Undetectable = Untransmittable”. JVN came out as gender non-binary in June, educating his fans on what this meant. He again he is using his platform to help educate people on being HIV+. This is great especially for the younger members of the LGBTQ+ community.

I loved this quote from JVN (from the same NYT Interview) “I want people to realize you’re never too broken to be fixed”. This a great message and is completely in line with JVN’s positive, self love attitude.

Thank You, Jonathan Van Ness, for sharing your truth with the world, you’re helping so many people in the process.

P.S I highly recommend JVN’s podcast ‘Getting Curious’, a podcast where JVN speaks to an expert about a subject he is ‘curious’ about. These topics range from “Should we be scared of snakes” to what is it like being a pop star.

P.P.S Another reason I’m a JVN fan… He is a cat person! JVN owns 4 cats Larry, Liza, Genevieve & Matilda. Larry regularly gives us weather updates on Instagram!

P.P.S I’ve just posted some Christmas cards on Etsy click here to check them out!

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Review – Pawsome place for feline fans! – Shakespaw Cat Cafe

It was a few years ago that a friend of mine told me they had recently been to a cat cafe in London, after they explained the concept to me, I had been wanting to visit one ever since. When I recently found out a local cat cafe had opened in Stratford Upon Avon, I knew I had to go!

Cat cafe’s originated in Taiwan before completely blowing up in popularity when they came to Japan. The idea behind it being that people who lived in small apartments (unable to have their own cat) would be able to enjoy cats in a relaxed setting. Cat cafe’s have become so popular recently that they have been popping up all over the world.

Last month, I finally got round to booking a table for my partner and I at Shakespaw Cat Cafe. When we first arrived we placed our order (cake and hot chocolates) and then went off to explore the cafe. We first went over to see the cats in the window sill Hermione, Viola and Puck. Hermione however was moved fairly swiftly by a member of staff as her and Viola don’t seem to get on too well!

My partner was instantly enamoured with Puck an adorable black and white cat, the youngest cat of the cafe who reminded him of his mother’s cat. We also popped briefly downstairs which mainly seemed to be where all the white cats where having a snooze on some chairs.

We returned to our table upstairs for our ‘Unicorn Hot Chocolates’ and slices of cake. The ‘Unicorn Hot Chocolate’ was a lilac colour topped with whipped cream, sweets and wafer for the horn. All of the staff seemed very friendly and enthusiastic on our visit, it seemed like they especially enjoyed making the ‘unicorn’ drinks.

Paws off my man!

At one point a member of staff pulled out a laser pointer for the cats to play with and everyone who was seated enjoyed watching Viola and Bottom chase after it. Viola at one point jumped up next to me and starting to try and look for light underneath my leg!

Viola on her laser quest

It was an interesting experience being in a cafe surrounded by other feline fans, watching their faces light up when the cats would come and visit their table. Have to say that Bottom did seem to be the star of the show, being the most sociable out of the cats (Bottom came and visited almost everyone’s table!)

Bottom visiting our table

Overall my partner and I had a very enjoyable time at Shakespaw Cat Cafe and highly recommend it to any fellow cat lovers. We will be back soon!

PS: Highly recommend the Peanut Butter Stack – purrnomenal!

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