Super Mario Partners! – A conversation with my boyfriend about the world of Mario.

It was recently Mario’s 35th Anniversary so I thought I would do a fun post: a conversation with my partner (and life long Nintendo fan) Jon! (My questions are in bold)

Hello! Is this weird?

A bit.

What was the first Mario game you played?

Uhh… it would have been Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I played it with my sister … I should have said my older sister who – as the eldest – insisted on being Mario so I had to be Luigi.

Fave Mario game?

(Thinks – this is obviously a tough question.) See my instinct is to say “no” as I enjoy them all. There are certain ones that stick out in my mind more, for various reasons. In terms of soundtrack Mario Galaxy – I love the soaring orchestral arrangements. In terms of gameplay probably Super Mario World as I feel they had really refined 2D Mario gameplay by that point and the world map was brilliant. In terms of aesthetic/appearance probably Super Mario 64; even though the graphics are quite dated now, at the time they were jaw dropping. The brightness of the colours and expansiveness/openness of the levels was so new and exciting. I of course have a soft spot for the first 3 games, they are all important.

The first Mario game we played together?

I’m going to say Mario Sunshine but could be Mario Galaxy. Do you remember?

I think it was Double Dash …

No I think we played some Sunshine before that. If you are counting Mario spin-off sports/party games and all that, then that may put a different spin on some of the questions!

Well I think Double Dash was the first kart game we played together …

It was the first multiplayer I think we played yes.

What do you think of the theory that Rosalina is Peach and Luigi’s child?

Hmmmm Luigi and Peach’s? I’d say I’m not totally on board with it … I could accept it if they said it was canon but I prefer the idea of Rosalina being a kind of lost child, waif/stray type person, a new thing.

“…all the best stuff was born in the 80s!”

A lot of people think that Peach and Mario are together …

I don’t know what they are really. I always viewed Mario as being sort of … he’s the Toadstool Kingdom’s protector and by the same token Peach’s. There’s a bit of flirtation between him and Peach but I don’t know if it goes further than that (and I’d rather not know, there are some things that should stay private 😉).

To settle the debate is Toad’s spotty mushroom cap a hat or part of his head?

Well logically since it is the Toadstall/Mushroom Kingdom – there would probably be people who are anthropomorphised mushrooms and toadstools and such. So could say it’s a part of the body. But I guess I almost see it as their hair, their head is the bit underneath – it’s their decorative … growth! Yes it’s a decorative growth.

I like that!

They would just look weird if it was a hat and when they took it off it was just this tiny bald thing. Just be weird – maybe they are hiding a luscious head of hair underneath there.

Recommend a Mario game for someone who hasn’t played Mario before – what would you say they should play?

Depends on whether they wanted to play a 2D or 3D game a bit. But probably on balance Super Mario 3. Super Mario 3 has a bit more story sort of – they knew what they were doing by the time they got to Super Mario 3. And the maps are fun and the powerups: the frog suit and tanooki suit in particular are my faves.

That one’s controversial!

I know (rolls eyes).

Do you have any questions – I’ve put you on the spot there?!

If you had to liken the Memeow mascot to any Mario universe character who are they most like?

Probably a smaller character like Toad or Yoshi. A mix of Yoshi and Toad – friendliness of Toad and the wild side of Yoshi.

With elements of Boo or Shy Guy? Boo is cheeky!

Probably a bit of Boo as well.

Thanks for doing the interview do you have anything to promote/plug?

I have no plugs. Not until I come out with my bestselling book or game!

Any final words? Did that sound a bit ominous?

A bit ominous.

Most interesting Mario easter egg for me is: why are there portraits of Mario and co on the walls of Hyrule castle in Ocarina of Time? Is this proof that all Nintendo universes are connected? Was Hyrule the Mushroom Kingdom a long long time ago? But then goodness knows how that would fit into the already complex timeline! So Peach is like Princess Zelda’s Great Great Great Grandmother? Thats you’re story forget Rosalina!

Shall I tell game theory?


Bonus question: How do you feel being almost the same age as Mario?

First:RUDE. Second, it just proves that all the best stuff was born in the 80s!

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