Some of my latest binge-watches

Hello and happy Halloween month! I thought I’d post about some of my recent binge watches…


I have recently binged S2 and S3 of Aggretsuko on Netflix. You know the show with the cute red panda office worker with anger issues. Oh and is secretly a death metal singer! With episodes running for 15-20 mins long, I’m unsure why I took so long to tune in again. I love that this show is aimed at adults but doesn’t tone down the cute style. Adults can like cute things too you know!! Retsuko portrays the typical overworked office worker, with a great coping mechanism, imagining her death metal persona during moments of high stress. After work Retsuko regularly unleashes her death metal persona in the Karaoke bar. This is a very cute and easy watch and recommend for anyone who needs a nice positive distraction! Also OTM Girls song from S3 ‘Viral Star’ is a total BOP.


This new netflix show follows character Nurse Mildred Ratched from the Book/film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Sarah Paulson plays a younger incarnation of Ratched in this prequel series. Admittedly I have not seen the original film or read the book prior to this series, but decided to check out the series due to Paulson and it being a Ryan Murphy production. I liked that they added some LGBTQ content which apparently wasn’t in the original story. The cinematography is fantastic as are the various outfits of Nurse Ratched. Overall a fun binge watch, though not for the squeamish/feint hearted!

Selling Sunset

Who knew a reality show about a Beverly Hills estate agents could be so fun! I like many others binged watched this show after the 3rd season landed in August. The overdramatic soapy drama mixed with beautiful shots of Million dollar properties make for great viewing! Also you know you’ve been watching too much of this series when they show a $2M house and think “that’s cheap, what a bargain!”.

Hoping to get another blog post out soon with the help of my partner! So watch this space…

P.S. I have recently received some lovely reviews on my Etsy shop, which feel great to receive as a small business owner. It really makes my day when I receive a positive review! 🙂

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