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My Top TV Shows of the Decade

Hello and welcome to another Memeow Blog post! I noticed a lot of people were doing end of decade lists so I thought I do my own.

Let’s go!

10. Game of Thrones – I know, I know! This one will probably end up on most people’s lists but theres no denying its impact on pop culture. I like many others was not such a fan of the latter seasons but the earlier seasons were enough to land it a place on this list for me. Also DRAGONS!!! The show often kept you on your toes not knowing who to trust, who to root for and having to accept that even the most popular character could be killed (brutal) This taking no prisoners approach would pave the for other tv shows to follow suit.

9. Orphan Black – TATIANA MASLANY – how just how??? I’m still amazed at how many characters this actress was able to pull off for this series! A gripping thriller focusing on mystery surrounding clones all played by Tatiana Maslany. A few times in the show a character pretends to be another clone but you can still tell that it is the other character despite them looking identical.

8. Steven Universe – An animation about a young boy and his 3 mother’s, Crystal Gems! The Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl) are aliens that have lived on earth for many years, Steven is a gem/human hybrid. Steven’s mother Rose Quartz (former leader of the crystal gems) gave up her physical form so Steven could be born. Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl all act as matriarchal figures to Steven giving him life lessons while also going on various wacky adventures. The show has fantastic amount of world building and lore throughout with tiny details inserted into even the earlier episodes. The show has some lovely representation for LGBTQ+ people with one of the best examples involving Garnet, who *SPOILER* we later found out is a fusion of two gems Ruby and Sapphire two female presenting characters. Fusions are when two or more gems fuse to become a stronger gem, gems that are more compatible can stay fused longer. This makes Garnet a fusion made from true love, awwww cute!

7. Orange Is The New Black – This hilarious and emotional prison dramedy gave some good representation for women of different ethnicities, races and sexualities as well as highlight very real issues in America. The show concluded this year with a fantastic final series which showed the realities of immigrants in the living in an ICE detention centre. Interwoven with flashbacks throughout, the series fleshed out its characters with pre-prison back stories. With many iconic storylines and episodes like “the chicken” this show really left an imprint on the TV landscape.

6. Schitt’s Creek – a rich family falls down on their luck and has to move a not so pleasant town. A show that could have easily been something completely different based on the premise is perfefctly crafted by the writers. giving all of the characters heart and personality. All of the characters in show have something to bring to the table, with my favourite being Moira Rose – a dramatic divaish washed up actress with a delightfully odd/enchanting transatlantic accent! I also particularly like the main same sex relationship which was perfectly crafted over the 3rd and 4th seasons.

5. The Good Place – This afterlife comedy from the creator of Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Recreation, really shook up the comedy genre with its twists and turns. The season 1 finale twist really impressed me as the show the went into very different direction to what I was expecting. This kind of show also demonstrates how we as an audience are tired of shows dragging on storylines for seasons. If this show premiered in the 90s you could imagine them spinning out he Eleanor doesn’t belong in the Good place storyline until the final episode!

4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – A musical dramedy with great songs, characters and a realistic portrayal of mental illness. I stumbled upon this gem on Netflix after hearing a few positive things on the web about it. The show was highly praised on the internet for the song “Getting Bi”, as Bisexual representation is sparse on mainstream television, to have a whole song dedicated to the subject was a great win for representation. Rachel Bloom does a fantastic job of portraying main character Rebecca who we eventually find out has Borderline Personality Disorder which the show handles with care. Oh and the songs are absolutely brilliant! You can read my previous Crazy Ex Post here!

3. Stranger Things – A show perfectly crafted from an amalgamation of 80s movies, tropes and nostalgia. this sci-fi series has been a massive breakout show for Netflix and with the general pining in our society for 80s media its not hard to see why! The first season alone for me was one of my favourite seasons of the decade, second was kinda meh but the 3rd season put it back on track for me.

2. American Horror Story – Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s Horror anthology series has been running for 9 seasons with themes ranging from Coven’s, Asylums, Haunted Houses and most recently a summer camp. I love the campiness of the show which has spun off various memes with the most popular being “Surprise Bitch!”. The show is not for the feint at heart which I guess goes with the territory of a horror show! My favourite seasons of the show have to be Asylum and Coven but I love seeing what the writers have cooked up annually. With the anthology format the show remains fresh with some connections to past seasons but constant changing of the setting.

1. The OA – The mark of a good show to me is the ability to stay with you long after you’ve viewed it, I do find myself thinking about the show quite regularly. (I’m not obsessed I promise!) The show asked you to believe in impossible things, to leave your mind open to what you are about to witness. Parallel universes, psychic octopi and synchronised dance moves all feature and it completely works. A Weird/crazy/epic show full of hope, which Netflix sadly decided to cancel as they seem to care more about gaining new subscribers than retaining old ones. Especially disappointing after S2’s mind bending, awesome meta ending. I believe one day we will get a conclusion to this brilliant show, we’ve just got to keep our door open! – Also BBA played by Phyllis Smith is a delight <3

OA and Old Night

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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Is Much Betta! – Series 1 Recap/Review

*Contains Spoilers for the series*

I had never quite gotten into the US edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race, mainly as I wasn’t sure where to start! 11 seasons is fairly daunting for a new comer to the show! My drag race obsessed friend convinced me that I needed to watch the UK version and I’m sure glad I did!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has to be one of the most different BBC programmes in a long time! As Baga Chipz (my fave Queen of the series) says in one episode “this is not the BBC I grew up with!”. Baga Chipz delivered the series most iconic line as Becky the maid in the drag parody of Downton Abbey, Downton Draggy. “Much Betta” Baga/Becky exclaims after successfully wrapping Lady Carey’s dead lover up in a rug (dark!), Baga/Becky swinging her fist as she delivers the now infamous line. Her Rainy Day runway look was brilliant with the rubber duck on her head, perfection. Baga really shone in the snatch game episode where the queens were tasked with impersonating famous celebrities with Baga embodying a red eyed Maggie Thatcher with hilarious lines like “thank you, thank you bring on Brexit!” and ofc “the Lady is not for turning!”

Divina De Campo was another stand out, I absolutely loved her high fashion laundry bag jump suit outfit complete with Parasol! Boasting a powerful 4 octave range, acting and sewing skills, Divina was a true triple threat!

The series spawned a hit single with Break Up (Bye Bye) by The Frock Destroyers, band made up of the queens, Baga Chipz,Divina De Campo and Blu Hydrangea. The song features some crazy high whistlenotes from Divina at the beginning and Baga’s “Much Betta!” catchphrase. All three queens did a great job on the track which also won the girl group challenge.

Cheryl Hole was another one of my faves, an Essex queen with a passion for death dropping! She may have been shady in her to the camera moments but came across as very sweet and genuine with the other girls. Also just a very entertaining person to watch!

Image result for cheryl hole death drop gif"
Cheryl death dropping

Other highlights of the series for me were Sum Ting Wong’s Bullring look and Postage Stamp Queen Elizabeth inspired look, The Vivienne’s impeccable Trump impression on snatch game and Blu’s rainy day look! (her make up was incredible)

In the end it was The Vivienne that was crowned the first UK’s drag superstar, with Baga coming in 3rd place and Divina 2nd.

Congrats to The Vivienne and roll on Season 2!

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