Month: March 2019

Review – Pawsome place for feline fans! – Shakespaw Cat Cafe

It was a few years ago that a friend of mine told me they had recently been to a cat cafe in London, after they explained the concept to me, I had been wanting to visit one ever since. When I recently found out a local cat cafe had opened in Stratford Upon Avon, I knew I had to go!

Cat cafe’s originated in Taiwan before completely blowing up in popularity when they came to Japan. The idea behind it being that people who lived in small apartments (unable to have their own cat) would be able to enjoy cats in a relaxed setting. Cat cafe’s have become so popular recently that they have been popping up all over the world.

Last month, I finally got round to booking a table for my partner and I at Shakespaw Cat Cafe. When we first arrived we placed our order (cake and hot chocolates) and then went off to explore the cafe. We first went over to see the cats in the window sill Hermione, Viola and Puck. Hermione however was moved fairly swiftly by a member of staff as her and Viola don’t seem to get on too well!

My partner was instantly enamoured with Puck an adorable black and white cat, the youngest cat of the cafe who reminded him of his mother’s cat. We also popped briefly downstairs which mainly seemed to be where all the white cats where having a snooze on some chairs.

We returned to our table upstairs for our ‘Unicorn Hot Chocolates’ and slices of cake. The ‘Unicorn Hot Chocolate’ was a lilac colour topped with whipped cream, sweets and wafer for the horn. All of the staff seemed very friendly and enthusiastic on our visit, it seemed like they especially enjoyed making the ‘unicorn’ drinks.

Paws off my man!

At one point a member of staff pulled out a laser pointer for the cats to play with and everyone who was seated enjoyed watching Viola and Bottom chase after it. Viola at one point jumped up next to me and starting to try and look for light underneath my leg!

Viola on her laser quest

It was an interesting experience being in a cafe surrounded by other feline fans, watching their faces light up when the cats would come and visit their table. Have to say that Bottom did seem to be the star of the show, being the most sociable out of the cats (Bottom came and visited almost everyone’s table!)

Bottom visiting our table

Overall my partner and I had a very enjoyable time at Shakespaw Cat Cafe and highly recommend it to any fellow cat lovers. We will be back soon!

PS: Highly recommend the Peanut Butter Stack – purrnomenal!

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Now That I Found Mew!

Popstar Carly Rae Jepsen has unveiled the new video for her latest single ‘Now That I Found You’ and what a purrfect video it is!

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Wut? Wasn’t me 👀 #flopbod

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‘Now That I Found You’ is the second single off Carly Rae Jepsen’s upcoming 4th album, the single was released 27th Feburary as double release with the song ‘No Drug Like Me’.

You can check out the feline-filled video below!

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I Blog just for you!

I recently attended Troye Sivan’s Eventim Apollo concert in Hammersmith, with my partner. This concert was part of the Europe leg of The Bloom Tour for Troye’s Sophomore album ‘Bloom’.

One of the first things I noticed when I got to the concert was the amount of LGBTQ people/couples in attendance. Being gay myself, my partner and I often refrain from PDA when out and about due to fear of getting attacked or judged. Something as simple as holding hands in public is still a real issue for LGBTQ folks, even though the world is slowly changing and becoming much more accepting!

However in this atmosphere, surrounded by many other members of the LGBTQ community, Troye’s concert felt like a safe space. It’s a hard feeling to describe to a non-LGBTQ person, a kind of fitting in/belonging that I haven’t really experienced before. I haven’t attended any pride events yet but I’m guessing a very similar feeling is experienced at them. I will soon see if this is the case, as I have stall booked for Memeow Gifts (my LGBTQ inclusive greetings card business) at Warwickshire Pride in August! 😁

… Anyway back to the concert!

Troye Sivan’s frequent songwriter/collaborator Leland was the opening act, who has also written songs for artists including Selena Gomez and Allie X. I wasn’t previously familiar with his own music but was very impressed with his voice/performance and  have since been streaming his songs (I recommend Middle of a Heartbreak, Run Into You and Mattress).

Then it was Time for Troye! Troye opened up the concert with Seventeen, which is also the album opener for ‘Bloom’. Troye gave an energetic performance throughout the concert, as soon as the curtain dropped after ‘Seventeen’ he burst into the bouncy high energy ‘Bloom’ followed by ‘Plum’.

The highlight of the evening for me was when Troye sang ‘Heaven’ a song about coming out, while also trying to reconcile your faith/belief, “Without losing a piece of me, How do I get to heaven?”. Unbeknownst to Troye some dedicated fans had placed envelopes saying “Open Please” on every seat in seated areas, which each contained a paper flower. There were 6 different coloured flowers distributed around the venue. The instructions included with the flowers said to place the flower over the torch on your smart phone when Troye started ‘Heaven’.

To Troye’s surprise, when he started singing ‘Heaven’ the venue before him transformed into a rainbow sea. This was a lovely moment, pretty much the whole audience was involved and it looked AMAZING!

Troye also performed versions of his recent collaborative songs ‘1999’, ‘I’m so Tired…’ and ‘Dance to This’, which he managed to pull off without the assistance of his collaborators (Charli XCX, Lauv, Ariana Grande).

Troye came across as very genuine and down to Earth throughout the show, getting the audience to sing Happy Birthday to a fan in attendance and exclaiming how he felt like he was in the ‘Lizzie Mcguire Movie’.

Me and my partner had a great evening at the concert, which came to a close with the tracks ‘Youth’ and ‘My My My!’.

It was awesome show all in all and really refreshing to see the concert of an unapologetically queer pop artist, something we will hopefully see much more of in future, To quote Lizzie McGuire “Hey now, Hey now, This is what dreams are made of”.

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We’ve only just begun …

Welcome to the brand-spanking-new Memeow Blog – the purrfect blog for LGBTQ news, reviews, pop culture and cats! We hope you enjoy your visit and check back in over the coming weeks as we add more content to the site. In the meantime, you might be interested in connecting with us via our social media links and checking out our LGBTQ inclusive sister site: Memeow Gifts – the purrfect place for greetings cards and gifts!